CANCELLATION POLICY:  If it becomes necessary to cancel your reservation, please contact us as soon as possible. If we are able to replace your reservation with one of equal value, then we will issue a full refund minus a $300 cancellation fee. Note: We will continue to collect funds even if you cancel your reservation until a replacement reservation has been secured. You can not dispute charges on your credit/debit card as a means of recovering funds paid towards your reservation if you choose to cancel your reservation. (This does not apply to disputes over incorrect dollar amounts or charges on our part that are not otherwise approved by you when you entered into / signed your guest agreement). Under no circumstances will we offer any refund before a replacement reservation has been confirmed. If we must offer a discount in order to obtain a replacement rental, we will first apply any rent paid to any losses we had due to the reduced rate. Any remaining funds from your reservation will be refunded to you minus $300 cancellation fee. If we fail to replace your reservation with one of equal value, any payments already made will be applied towards our loss and you will be held responsible for the remaining rental balance due under this agreement. Your signed agreement is a promise to pay under the terms of this agreement. If circumstances occur that requires us to cancel your reservation, we will apply the rental amount received towards any other available dates that you choose to rent. We will not reimburse, refund or be held accountable for any travel expenses, alternate rental fee's or losses incurred on your part. We reserve this right to cancel only for circumstances beyond our control that can not be resolved before your scheduled arrival date. Please understand that we have been in business since 2003 and to date have never had to invoke a cancellation on our part. However we do need to include our policy in regards to this matter in the event an unforeseeable circumstance did occur. Possible examples of such occurrence could include but not be limited to: Wide spread power outages in our area, severe damage caused to the house forcing closure until repairs are completed or any other unforeseeable condition that would render the house unsuitable for rental until resolved.