If your group is tax exempt from paying hotel/lodge tax Please understand that the 13% lodge tax that we are required to collect includes 3% county, 7% city and 3% state tax. You will need to include documentation that specifically states that you are exempt from hotel / lodge tax.Documentation must be included from all 3 taxing entities. Example, if you provide us with state lodge tax exemption only, then we are still required to collect the remaining county and city tax's. If you fail to provide all needed documentation we are required to collect hotel/lodge tax along with the rent. This is NOT our policy, this is detailed criteria directly from the state Comptroller of Public Accounts. Documentation must be provided along with your signed agreement and deposit check. Documentation from the 3 taxing entities are State of Texas, Guadalupe County and the city of Seguin. All though the house is not located in Seguin, it is inside of there ETJ, therefore they require 7% lodge tax be collected. ( if other business's have previously excepted alternate proof of tax exemption, they can be held liable for paying the tax themselves). We are simply following the tax laws as dictated by the Comptrollers office.