Larger Venue:

We have a potential opportunity that would allow us to offer our guests an off site location for larger gatherings of all kinds. This is still in the beginning stages and the target completion/opening would be Spring, 2020. We’re very excited for this opportunity and we want your help to shape it into what fits your needs. Below are some highlights the new space has to offer as well as a few additions we’re thinking of adding. If you’d like to help please message us down below with any questions or thoughts and type of event you’d like to have.

  • New Location is only 4 minutes from The River Haven. It is located on the same lake however the river is over twice as wide on that section.

  • It has the potential to accommodate 100-150 guests. What would your ideal guest count be?

  • Beautiful custom home was once a historic restaurant and bar.

  • 180ft of private water front property.

  • Huge multi tiered shaded yard

  • Large Dock along the water. (21’ x 16’)

  • Private onsite 10ft wide Boat ramp.

  • Large Open floor plan Dining hall. (44’ x 33’ x 18’)

  • large fully restored restaurant style kitchen with 15 foot bar.

  • Concrete outdoor patio right outside the main dining hall. (68’ x 25’)

  • High Vaulted Awning in the middle of the outdoor patio. (21’ x 17’ x 17’) It’s possible we may cover the rest of the concrete patio on both sides for a full 68’ x 25’ covered awning experience. This would allow guests to take in the gorgeous views of the river while being shaded from any direct sunlight or rain. Let us know your thoughts!

  • We are considering a projector and a large electric 150’ to 200” retractable screen in the main dining hall. This would be perfect for weddings, corporate meetings, sporting events, family videos etc. What do you think?

  • Potential sleeping accommodations for 10-12 guests. 4-5 bedrooms. 3.5 bathrooms. Would having sleeping accommodations at this new site be beneficial to you? The River Haven can accommodate you to 32 guests. Would you be interested in booking both The River Haven for it’s housing accommodations and the new site for your larger higher occupancy event?

    Again we’d love your input on all of these ideas as well as any recommendations and amenities you’d love to see. We’re wanting this beautiful space to be just what our guests need. We can’t wait to share more with you as things develop.