We started a survey as to reasons why our guests decide to rent our home. Below are the top mentioned:


  • Size - The home is very spacious with 150ft of private water front property. 10 bedrooms, 5 1/2 bathrooms and 3 kitchens. It features a very large yard perfect for family games and gatherings.


  • Layout - With so many rooms, a huge yard and dock the home offers the ability to easily spread out. Theres the main house with two floors to it and a guest house. Perfect for a family reunion where each family gets their own whole floor of a home. Each of the two floors and guest house have their own kitchen as well. 


  • Location - With only four vacation homes on the road (we only own one) , no live in neighbors around and no houses across the river from the home the property feel very secluded. To quote a guest " It is only five minutes from Interstate 10 but it feels like you are fifty miles out in the Hill Country ". The home is minutes away from major groceries stores, gas stations, convenience stores and local popular attractions. It's also worth noting that our home has never flooded thankfully. During severe weather the most it's done is rise over the docks and get a few feet into the yards. Last major flood was October 30, 2015. Once the water lowers to it's normal level clean up is minimal and only takes a few hours. The home has an enormous yard so when we say the water sometimes rises a few feet into the yard it's really nothing major at all clean up wise. We are very fortunate that our home is far enough inland and on a long uphill slope that the water doesn't come close to it at all.


  • Rates - Our most popular dates fall between May-September where the rates are the highest and range between $1,095-$1,650/nt (Our Peak Season). Most groups stay 3-4 nights and have an average group size of 20 people. Though our rates may seem high at first glance they are actually quit affordable when you brake down the cost per person/per month and for what the home has to offer bedroom count wise, sleeping occupancy and amenities. Below is a break down for a 3 night stay (Friday-Monday) during our Peak Season and cost per month and per person.


$1,650.00 x 2 = $3,300.00 Weekend Nightly Rate

$375.00 Make Ready Fee

Total w/o Tax: $3,675.00

Lodge Tax (13%): $477.75

Total w/Tax: $4,152.75

Roughly $208.00 per person for a group of 20 during May-august. (rates vary on time of the year)



  • Reviews - We take great pride in the work we put in our home and it means a great deal to us knowing our guest have a wonderful time during their stay and that we met or exceeded their expectations. We do not solicit reviews nor will we ever. When a group takes the time to write an honest online review or guest book entry and the result being nothing but positive feedback really sets a tone throughout our crew to always tweak and improve how we do things in any way possible to keep making our guests experiences at our home better and better. For our many repeat guests that philosophy is the key reason why we are so lucky to have them back each year and sometimes multiple times each year. Our helpful guest reviews and suggestions are what shape our home to always keep improving and to be even better for the next guests to follow.


We cater to mostly large family gatherings, Reunions, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Vow Renewals, Small Ceremonies and corporate Retreats.


we hope you'll come visit us at the river haven soon!