We have owned The River Haven since 2000 and opened as a vacation rental in 2003. Each year most of all proceeds are invested back into the river haven to improve upon what we have to offer each and every year. Over the years we have successfully started up and managed five vacation rentals. Two of which we managed for other home owners who lived out of town and three we personally owned. The first additional home was purchased in 2006. It booked up quite quickly, however a neighbor was unfortunately very rude to our guests. It seemed a vacation rental in that neighborhood wasn't going to work out. That home was sold to a sweet couple as a private lake house. The third home was purchased in 2012. It was a large home which required we hire on more help to maintain preparing 2 very large homes. Between the river haven and the other home there were a total of 18 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, 4 kitchens and very large yards. With a combined 50 guests between the two homes leaving and another 50 arriving throughout the year we found it very difficult to depend on others to help maintain the high standards and expectations we wish to provide for each and every group at each home. The home became very popular very quickly within the years it was open but in the end As the saying goes, If you want something done right, you must do it yourself. With no regrets We retired from managing other owner's properties, sold the other home and are very pleased to now be able to devote all of our efforts and love into The River Haven. When you book a reservation with us, you will work with the same person starting with your first contact with us all the way through until your deposit is refunded after your stay. The same person that assured each photo was picture perfect is there personally making sure every detail is just as picture perfect for each arrival. Carlos will be with you through the entire process and I, Darius the homeowner will be there helping prepare the home, checking that everything is working properly, personally mowing the lawn etc. Both of us devoted full time to prepare the river haven for each arrival. This is what we do and we love what we do. It is our goal to assure you and your family a care free and enjoyable stay creating wonderful life long memories here at the river haven. WE welcome you and your family to come and enjoy life on the river!

We hope you'll come visit us at The River Haven soon!